Lace Repair & Colouring Services

Lace Repair

This unique service are for customers who require replenishment for bald patches, holes and tears on full lace wigs, lace front wigs, lace frontals and closures.

Lace systems need to be customised which consists of bleaching the knots and plucking the hairline. Many hairstylists who specialise in wig making will use this technique which is intended for a more natural looking appearance.

Although lace systems are great for hair loss sufferers and cosmetic uses, they are not made to last. Excessive brushing, itching and continuous daily wear on any wig will cause them to deteriorate at any time.

Zeenyah introduced this service many years ago as she noticed many customers & clients were complaining about bald patches.

6X6 Repair
6X6 Repair


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Ear to Ear Frontal
Ear to Ear Frontal

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Lace Closure Repair
Lace Closure Repair


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Lace Closures


Sizes: 4X4, 5X5, 6X6 7X7

Must have atleast 1"-3" of balding lace.

Repair price £80-£100 includes hair length and texture + service duration

Lace Frontals

Must have atleast 1"-3" of bald lace.

13X4, 13X6 & Lace Frontal Wig repair price £100-£130 includes hair length and texture + service duration

Holes, Rips & Tears

repair price £70-£100 includes new lace, ventilating hairs on to new lace, hair length and texture.

Additional infomation: Please make sure that all wigs sent for repairs are washed and dry with no lace glue or hair gel build up. This can damage my repairing equipment, delay your processing time and will include a cleaning charge.

Wigs that are worth saving are the only ones that can be repaired, if your wig is completely damaged you will be advised to purchase a new one.

Repair service turnaround can take 2-3weeks depending on the size of the bald patch.

Colouring Services


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